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The Corruptors
Original title: Los corruptores
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The Corruptors

Original title: Los corruptores

Tomás Arizmendi is disillusioned with his job as a journalist. In a state of distraction he commits a very basic error of journalism: in his weekly column for the Mexican El Mundo newspaper, he publishes a confidential piece of information related to the murder of the famous actress Pamela Dosantos; the place where her body was found, a few metres away from the office of the Secretary of the new Head of the PRI party, which has come to power and is imposing an authoritarian regime.

Suddenly Tomás finds himself immersed in a huge scandal as he has just connected the right hand man of the head of the Mexican government with the murdered actress; only his childhood friends can help him to get out of the mess he’s in.

Highlights The Corruptors


2013 iTunes Store Best Novel!

Power, espionage, crime, corruption, money, money and more money are the drivers that motivate the drug kingpins, despots whose contaminating influence stretches even farther than one might expect.

Love, sex, friendship, loyalty and betrayal are the emotional pillars of a story that generates empathy on every page; creating characters we hope can be saved, fighting for the extraordinary and beautiful things in life.

This book contains a lively, very contemporary mix of the different layers of Mexican society, and is bound to be debated in the media. It offers a direct response to threats against journalists who find that the freedom of the press and even their very lives are at stake.

A brave and powerful thriller, presented as a journalistic investigation, about crime and impunity, political manipulation and institutional silence seen through the eyes of four childhood friends bound by a code of loyalty.

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Mondadori (Italy), Actes Sud (France), Planeta Brasil (Brazil), Swiat Ksiazki (Poland), German (Elster Verlag). | Film: Los corruptores | Production company: Netflix

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Publishing date: | 416 pages | ISBN: 978-84-233-4731-5 | Imprint: Ediciones Destino

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