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Los tatuajes no se borran con láser / You Can't Get Rid of Tattoos with a Laser
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Los tatuajes no se borran con láser / You Can't Get Rid of Tattoos with a Laser


Pablo and Petra, like so many divorced couples, struggle to find the right balance in bringing up their children, Asia and Rómulo.

Asia, a pretty, sporty but shy teenager, is fixated on getting the boy she likes to notice her and is willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.Her role model is Rebecca, the protagonist of a popular television programme. Quique is a star TV script writer. Revered by teenagers and pampered by his channel’s executives, he is about to find out the consequences of not respecting the limits between fiction and real-life.

This is a novel that remorselessly exposes the depths of a hedonismobsessed society.

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This is a tough story that will move its readers. It is undoubtedly a controversial read.

A portrayal of a society in which no-one is innocent or free of guilt: teenagers determined to live on the edge, parents unable to raise their children right, a media that encourages an ‘anything goes’ culture just to win a bigger share of the audience...

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-670-0934-7

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