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Los tres secretos del samurai / The Three Secrets of the Samurai

Los tres secretos del samurai / The Three Secrets of the Samurai


Set in Japan in the 18th Century, it tells the story of Tomiko who, barely a teenager, leaves home on a quest to free her little sister from an arranged marriage to an awful man.

On her journey, the girl will meet magical beings who offer to help her but at a high price. To save her sister, the young girl decides to place herself at their mercy, renounce her identity and become Susanô, the Dragon Samurai. As a warrior, Tomiko will go on many adventures and meet the two men who will define her destiny: the brave Shuzai and Hanzaburo, the son of the fox.

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An extraordinary adventure novel in the best tradition of Japanese fiction.

Epic, romantic, magical... this is a novel in which nothing is what it seems and everything has a second meaning.

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Publishing date: 2013/02/19 | 416 pages | ISBN: 978-84-670-1383-2