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Love Me, Tinder
Original title: Love me, tinder
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Love Me, Tinder

Original title: Love me, tinder

All the men you never wanted to go out with are there!

Let’s take it for granted that you’re no stranger to Tinder. Whoever doesn’t have it on their own phone has used it on a friend’s to try and figure out what lies behind the call to digital love. And there they all are: sappy optimists, carpe diem types, passive aggressive guys, cardboard intellectuals, the ones who use their dog to hook up and those prone to “love at first sight”.

Estela Ortiz and Núria Gómez have spent years gathering the best specimens of Tinder-man to write this book, a window onto modern relationships and the people taking part in them, a hilarious and horrifying catalogue of masculinities hidden in our cellphones.  

The ten chapters of Love me, Tinder are a modern safari with ten categories accompanied with dozens of real photos from the app. For each, you can read essays about what lies behind our new sexual and amorous habits and even advice from female robots and marketing experts on how to hook up better.

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-9998-764-4 | Imprint: Temas de Hoy