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Luna lunera / Luna lunera
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Luna lunera / Luna lunera


A grandfather lies dying in his bed. The demise of this bitter, indomitable patriarch, who lived his life with the conviction that we have come to this world to suffer and that pain is the best medicine, profoundly affects his grandchildren who look back on their childhoods, which were shaped by the views of this imposing figure Through the voices of the grandchildren we begin to piece together the story of a family broken by the personality and ideas of this obsessive man; of a mother fighting for the custody of her children; of a country suffering the trauma of recovering from a civil war; of a group of family stories, told by the women in the kitchen.

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Luna lunera is a poetic and musical ode to life. A story that tells us that only through confronting the dark events of our pasts, can we hope to find salvation in the present.

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Grasset (France).

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Publishing date: | 330 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-07204-1

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