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Manual del perfecto caballero / Manual of the Perfect Gentleman
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Manual del perfecto caballero / Manual of the Perfect Gentleman


Oxford Shoes, Derby or moccasin, Peruvian or Egyptian cotton shirts... the basic elements that should garnish the wardrobes of everyone that might want to dress and feel like a true gentleman are not few. However, the correct choice of a tie, or the best bet when choosing a jacket are tasks that seem quite complicated. The author will not only reveal how to make naturally disappear the creases in our trousers, but he will also tell us how to look taller or thinner, or how to disguise a fallen shoulder. We will also learn when must we wear a tail coat, a morning coat or a dinner jacket, or when it is better to wear casual, for having an elegant and stylish look without wearing a suit is also important and easy.

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Highlights Manual of the Perfect Gentleman


A book that will become a must for all those men who would like to have some advice to improve their look.

Being stylish, dressing properly, glamour... These concepts are no longer exclusive of women. Men are taking care of their look and the way they dress, more and more these days.

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Publishing date: | 344 pages | ISBN: 978-84-270-3754-0