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Marcabrú y la hoguera de hielo / Marcabrú and the Ice Fire
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Marcabrú y la hoguera de hielo / Marcabrú and the Ice Fire


At the beginning of the 18th Century, when King James 1st, still a child, is being educated by the Knights Templar at Monzon castle, a courageous minstrel sets out with his lute in search of answers. Amongst pilgrims, bandits, friars, nobles and commoners, the young Marcabrú will follow the clues to reveal the truth about a zealously guarded secret: his real identity. This is a faithful portrayal of an epoch, a journey and marvellous characters that can’t fail to move its readers.

Titles in the series:
- The Class Where I Fell in Love With You
- The Music on the Wind
- The God's Gold
- Interior Zones
- The Hypotenuse Crime

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Publishing date: | 312 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-09090-8

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