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More tired than unhappy
Original title: Más cansadas que infelices
Category: Non-Fiction
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More tired than unhappy

Original title: Más cansadas que infelices
Category: Non-Fiction

Laura Sagnier carried out research with the idea of obtaining a reliable database of what women in Spain think and feel about different facets of their lives (such as work, partners, children, family or friends) and thought that the conclusions drawn were so beneficial they should reach many more people.

This is how More Tired Than Unhappy was born, a fun and entertaining book that, through a series of emails and letters that Julia, the protagonist of this story, writes to the women around her, allows us to understand where so many of the stereotypes we have so deeply internalized come from, all the while laughing at ourselves.

Highlights More tired than unhappy


Through a very simple structure, letters that the protagonist sends to the women around her, a series of conclusions and reflections are made concerning the current debate on the role of women. 


The book incorporates graphics and images that help to understand many of the conclusions it reflects. 

An entertaining text that will make us reflect on the role of women and the stereotypes that we have internalized, as well as verify with reliable data many of the inequalities that exist in our society.

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Publishing date: | 352 pages | ISBN: 978-84-493-3477-1 | Imprint: Ediciones Paidós