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Mis primeros primeros besos / My First First Kisses
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Mis primeros primeros besos / My First First Kisses


Your first kiss is one of those moments in life that lingers in the memory forever, something we remember with a mixture of tenderness and nostalgia. The first kiss is unique, but there’s also all the others that come afterwards, with all our relationships and all the first kisses we’ve been given, stolen, or just the ones we’d have liked to have had... In this book, Lyona shares her FIRST KISSES in her romantic life, trying to capture them so they can never be forgotten, twenty-five stories to make you smile, some of which will be very familiar because, at the end of the day, we’ve all had a FIRST KISS.

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Highlights My First First Kisses


Remember your first kisses, from an innocent childish kiss to your first love, summer fling, first passionate kiss or tryst with a colleague at work...

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Publishing date: | 120 pages | ISBN: 978-84-15888-48-2

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