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Monetize Yourself
Original title: Monetízate
Category: Non-Fiction
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Monetize Yourself

Original title: Monetízate
Category: Non-Fiction

How to win at life with what you are and what you do.

Times have certainly changed. The lines between employees, the unemployed, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business people are blurring. Today we are all professionals selling our services. We no longer have a single “client” who pays us a salary, instead we have to learn to diversify our income streams. This requires a major change of mind frame. It’s good news, if you know how to manage it. This book explains how to acquire the mentality necessary to turn yourself into a new type of professional, capable of relying on yourself and constructing your own work project.

Highlights Monetize Yourself


Everything you need to know to turn your passion into your profession.


Author’s previous books sold 8000 copies.

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-17568-53-5 | Imprint: Alienta Editorial