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Mujer océano / Ocean Woman
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Mujer océano / Ocean Woman


“It’s easy to bite you a palm’s width away. Hold your tongue, I’m going straight there unless it feels wet and I invite it to the place where I store my echoes and hurricanes sleep, where several have died in the dark, losing themselves in an attempt to find fire, you burn because you have a soul and where there is a soul there is grief.”

In Ocean Woman, Vanesa Martín takes on poetry without the help of music. Love and heartbreak are the subjects of Vanesa’s sharpened, sometimes carefully chosen, sometimes rabidly free words. This is a selection of intimate, urban and contemporary poems that throb with feminine delicacy and sensitivity, but also the chaos and power of the ocean.  

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Seductive, intimate, real... get personal with a Spanish pop star in her first book of poems.

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-08-15340-5