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Nadie como tú / No one Like You
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Nadie como tú / No one Like You


Ágata Martí is twenty-seven years old, has a badly paid job and lives alone in her apartment in Barcelona. One winter morning, a little after Christmas, she decides the time has come to make some changes in her life. Her older brother Guillermo’s suggestion that she should go and work in London suddenly seems like a good idea. Gabriel Trevelan, now a famous journalist in London, used to stay at Guillermo Martí’s house in the most difficult times of his youth. Therefore, when his friend asks him for this favour, he is unable to demur. Ágata and Gabriel meet again after thirteen years and both of them realise that things have not changed between them. For her, there has never been another man like Gabriel, the first man she ever kissed. For him, there has never been another girl like Ágata, the only girl able to get under his skin... However, Gabriel is unsure whether he is ready to love again, but Ágata is not ready to settle for less.

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-08-10640-1