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Original title: Neurocoaching
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Original title: Neurocoaching

This book is aimed at parents, teachers, directors, professionals, young people, adults, entrepreneurs, anyone who wants to know more and live a much more authentic life. Their own.

It is a work that invites deep thinking, that accompanies the reader as they discover the magic of answers and uncertainty. It constitutes an excellent combination of scientific rigour and friendly, accessible language. It dances between questions and answers that focus on the most important thing: the human being that you are.

It’s not the answer that illuminates, it’s the question 

“This book is about how to shift from just living to committing to living, through intelligently chosen questions, it looks deep into the human heart to help us find a balance between thinking and feeling.” Luis Galindo, the author of Reilusionarse (Alienta, 2014)

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Publishing date: | 168 pages | ISBN: 978-84-16253-06-7 | Imprint: Alienta Editorial