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No está el horno para cruasanes / The oven isn't for croissants
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No está el horno para cruasanes / The oven isn't for croissants


Alex is an English teacher who goes to the gym every afternoon. When he and his colleagues hear three girls making fun of his muscles, they make a bet, and whoever manages to sleep with one of the girls first will win.

Alex has his eyes on Carla, who he thinks will be an easy catch; in fact, he’s convinced he’d be doing her a favor, making her day, her week, even her year! But the hunter becomes the hunted, because Carla is a lot of woman and is about to open the doors to a world Alex had only dared to fantasize about before.

Irredeemably in love, will Alex manage to break through the cold armor of Carla’s exterior?

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A fun, romantic, sexy, and very provocative erotic comedy

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Publishing date: | 384 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-18259-7