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Don't Give Up
Original title: No te rindas
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Don't Give Up

Original title: No te rindas

How should we face up to the difficulties and frustrations we come across in our daily lives? Can we learn from our mistakes? How should we adapt to change? No te rindas offers us a friendly and accessible way of dealing with adversity and the doubts and fears that stalk us every day, encouraging us to grow and meet new objectives. • Happiness does not depend on how things are, but on our interpretation of them. • Affective maturity is the ability to give and receive love. • Only those who make sense of their lives can really enjoy existence and completely live up to their potential. • Controlling negative thoughts can help us to improve our mood.

Structured into twelve sections – one for each month of the year – the book approaches themes such as love, family, work, culture and friendship; an original almanac in which the prestigious psychiatrist Enrique Rojas offers us his wise advice and provides lucid, intimate company as he guides us through the battles we must wage in our lives to achieve happiness and personal fulfilment

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Publishing date: | 320 pages | ISBN: 978-84-8460-991-9 | Imprint: Espasa