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Olvídate de la lotería y deja que te toque yo / Forget the lottery and let me touch you
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Olvídate de la lotería y deja que te toque yo / Forget the lottery and let me touch you


When Daniela returns home after her first visit to the artificial insemination clinic and finds her husband in bed with the checkout girl from the supermarket, her world collapses and she decides to bring her marriage to an end. Gabriel, her gay friend, takes her in at his apartment and tries to encourage her. But when he sees she can’t snap out of it, he offers her a trip to the USA, where she will meet Julián and share a night of madness, sex, and freedom.

Back in Spain, Daniela will jump into the business world, starting a food truck. This will lead to another unexpected meeting with Julián, whose life has taken a huge turn since he made his wife a promise on her deathbed. Daniela will have to struggle with that, with the craziness of her drag queen friends, economic problems, the wickedness of her ex’s lover, and the mistakes that will make Julián leave her forever.

Will Daniela be able to set aside her pride, her fears, and her distrust to get back the positivity her life has lost? Will Julián manage to convince her that for him, she is the best lottery prize?

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A romantic-erotic comedy full of absurd situations, misunderstandings, and continuous laughter that encourages us to believe in second opportunities.

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Publishing date: | 384 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-19029-5