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Pacto de lealtad / Pact of Loyalty

Pacto de lealtad / Pact of Loyalty


Zoe’s life gets turned upside down when she meets Champion, a mongrel who helps her to overcome her problems. Together they set out on a journey to seek their destiny: a devotion to animals and freedom, a path that was marked out by her father. A daring young woman, Zoe will not just face all the challenges of her time; she will have to struggle with her own emotions when love strikes her.

This is a gripping novel set in the most dramatic period of the 20th Century: the Civil War and the rise of the Nazis, which, for the first time, portrays the role of dogs in armed conflicts. Spies, secret experiments to create a mythical dog of war, betrayal, and love can all be found in these pages.

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Highlights Pact of Loyalty


The novel explores a gripping story: Nazi experiments to create a dog of war.

The story is built around two unforgettable characters: Luther, a brilliant young vet forced to work on the sinister Nazi project, and Zoe, a young woman whom life has dealt a bad hand and who must find her own way to happiness along with Champion, a mongrel dog who will show the strength of loyalty.

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Blanvalet (Germany), Salani (Italy).

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Publishing date: 2014/05/27 | 648 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-12785-7

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