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Dad, Where Does the Sun Splug in?
Original title: Papá, ¿dónde se enchufa el sol?
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Dad, Where Does the Sun Splug in?

Original title: Papá, ¿dónde se enchufa el sol?

“Like every child, Laura loves to ask questions. For nights on end, when she was between four and nine years old, we used to play a game before going to bed: she would ask me questions about the world and I would try to clear up her doubts. The questions were so funny and random that one day, we decided to write them down in a booklet to be able to read them in the future, when she was older. Later we realized we could write a book that would help other parents and children play our game and make up more and better questions than the ones we had. The following pages consists in large part of the questions Laura posed to me, and many of the answers are those I gave her, trying to satisfy her curiosity. They aren’t all there, there were many more of them, and she didn’t fall asleep as quickly as the story has it, but everything essential is here. Of course the answers aren’t the important part of the book; instead, it’s the pure pleasure of seeing things from another point of view. Laura is ten now, and we are still going with the game. Hopefully we will never stop asking questions.”

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Mauri Spangol (Italy).

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Publishing date: | 72 pages | ISBN: 978-84-9892-988-1 | Imprint: Editorial Crítica

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