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Pasaje a Tahití / Passage to Tahiti
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Pasaje a Tahití / Passage to Tahiti


Two Mallorcan brothers and the daughter of an English consul found a pearl farm empire in Tahiti in 1890. 1890. Bastian and Hugo Fortuny set out for Tahiti in search of their fortunes after losing their jobs as glassblowers in their native Mallorca. During the journey they meet Laia Kane, the daughter of a corrupt English consul who has been exiled to the Polynesian island. The meeting will change the lives of Laia and the Fortuny brothers forever. 1930. Denis Fortuny, the heir to the Manacor luxury pearl empire, decides to travel to Tahiti to investigate a mystery that has been lurking behind the scenes for his entire life.

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An epic story of love, resilience, family ties and secrets set during the foundation of pearl farms in colonial Tahiti.

A lie hidden for thirty years will change the protagonists’ lives forever.

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-670-4212-2

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