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Baby Steps. Growing Up from Prehistory
Original title: Pequeños pasos
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Baby Steps. Growing Up from Prehistory

Original title: Pequeños pasos

In this original book, José María and Elena Bermúdez de Castro, father and daughter, show us how much paleoanthropology and pediatrics have in common. This should be no surprise, as both fields study human beings. Though the purpose of paleoanthropology is to describe characteristics and try to comprehend the biology of our ancestors, while pediatrics tries to understand and cure diseases, both disciplines share many techniques and methods. 

Baby Steps. Growing Up from Prehistory is a journey through the life of human beings from birth, comparing them with chimpanzees and with the first homo sapiens, passing through breastfeeding, the different methods of nourishing children after weaning – many rooted in the labor market’s demand that mothers re-enter the work force to early – and even education and problems in adolescence. A book that will interest parents with its practical sections detailing a pediatrician’s responses to frequently asked questions in her office, but also entertaining for any reader who wants to know more about our beginnings in life from a rigorous and delightful perspective. 

From birth, breastfeeding, deciding when to wean, problems in adolescence…  This is a manual for parents, educators, and health professionals.

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Publishing date: | 312 pages | ISBN: 978-84-17067-19-9 | Imprint: Editorial Crítica