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Fishing in the clouds
Original title: Pescar en las nubes
Category: Fiction
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Fishing in the clouds

Original title: Pescar en las nubes
Category: Fiction

In the dead of winter, Eric arrives at the island where he has spent so many summers with Claudia, ready to subject himself to an endless series of gray days. Mía, the girl in charge of cleaning the bungalows where he is staying, asks him for help with her father, Julio, whose apparent dementia swallows him up and makes him incapable of recognizing his own daughter.

The strange relationship Eric will establish con Julio, a bright-eyed, optimistic man, will offer Eric the possibility of reconciling with himself, and at the same time, discovering his new friend’s past and the hidden secrets father and daughter share.

Highlights Fishing in the clouds


Fishing in the Clouds, Mikel Izal’s first novel, is a thriller and an emotional journey at the same time. An intense and captivating story of overcoming.


Mikel Izal is the vocalist and songwriter of one of Spain's most successful and important indie bands: IZAL.

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-08-19129-2 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta