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Why I am a Communist
Original title: Por qué soy comunista
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Why I am a Communist

Original title: Por qué soy comunista

In recent years, it has become evident that the crises linked to capitalism only bring high levels of unemployment and inequality, evictions and impoverishment, and a political destabilization that affects the rest of the institutions. Other side effects are the appearance of new parties, the disappearance or weakening of the traditional ones and the rebirth of nationalism. In addition, if we consider the ecological crisis, which shows that the way in which we are producing, distributing and consuming is destroying the planet, the result is a triad that is irremediably changing the world in which we live in.

Why I am a communist reflects on all of these issues and provides answers based on the hope inspired from the deepest parts of the most suffering part of the world: the working class. Many of the rights we have today - such as the universal suffrage or democracy itself - were conquests of socialist institutions. If society is able to organize in a different way, think as a group and use the discoveries of science research, another world is possible. To realize this however, superficial ideas, recurrent topics and stiff and inflexible ideologies cannot be part of the agenda. What we really need, as Garzon reflects in this book, is passionate reason, well-founded theories and a sensible critical attitude towards the system that is in power.

A reflection on the new challenges that left parties have to face

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Publishing date: | 328 pages | ISBN: 978-84-9942-638-9 | Imprint: Ediciones Península