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Primeros auxilios para corazones rotos / First Aid Kit. For Broken Hearts

Primeros auxilios para corazones rotos / First Aid Kit. For Broken Hearts


Happiness is overrated
Why me?
Things were great before...
I may look like I’m laughing, but I’m faking it.
If you identify yourself with one (or all) of these phrases, you need a First Aid Kit (and maybe professional help too).
- Far from being a rigorous method, every First Aid Kit is a book-kit that provides a comic perspective on our situation, helping us to laugh at ourselves.
- The First Aid Kit method doesn’t solve our problems but it does help people to deal with them a little better and with a lot more dignity.
- The kit consists of a metal box that includes a book with a method (full of practical examples, activities and questionnaires) and three gadgets that will provide essential help in the recipient’s new situation.

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Publishing date: 2014/11/06 | 160 pages | ISBN: 978-84-480-2040-8