Original title: Puskas


Original title: Puskas

Ferenc Puskas (1927-2006) was one of the mythical figures of Real Madrid and a legendary star of the soccer world, no matter what club he played for.

One of the greats.

Daniel Entrialgo follows the trajectory of Puskas, from his origins in Hungary up to his death. An international player, he was called a traitor in his country by the Communist regime, who prohibited his entry. Puskas’s life is also a reminder of a time when all the millions of euros didn’t mean so much in the soccer world, when what mattered was the way of being of each team and each player. And it is also a journey through Europe and important moments of the twentieth century, from Hitler’s Germany to the totalitarian regimes of the east.

A story of overcoming that will enrapture not only lovers of soccer, but all readers.

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Publishing date: | 384 pages | ISBN: 978-84-670-5204-6 | Imprint: Espasa