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¡Que se le van las vitaminas! / It will Lose All the Vitamins!
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¡Que se le van las vitaminas! / It will Lose All the Vitamins!


We’ve heard the old story so many times that “you have to drink your juice just after it’s squeezed, otherwise you’ll lose all the vitamins,” that nobody doubts it anymore. Find out about this and many other secrets and myths that only science can resolve.

There are hundreds and hundreds of rumors in our daily life, and it seems every person has a different explanation for them and even the perfect solution. Our grandmother told us we had to rush to drink down our juice just after it was squeezed or it would lose its vitamins; we often hear brown sugar is better than white; they even tell us WiFi signals can cause cancer. But what’s the truth? And who can give us answers?

Deborah García Bello, one of the most highly regarded popular science writers in our country, uses her broad knowledge chemistry will give us the answers to these and other questions that will allow us not to rebuff falsehoods but also know how to out-argue the next person who tells us, it’ll lose all the vitamins!

Because in the end, it is science that can uncover for us those everyday secrets that fascinate us all.

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Myths and secrets that only science can resolve.

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Publishing date: | 256 pages | ISBN: 978-84-493-3406-1

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