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Recetas con historia / Recipes with History
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Recetas con historia / Recipes with History


What did meatballs taste like in Ancient Mesopotamia? How do you make hamburgers worthy of an Egyptian Pharaoh? What ingredients go into an Ancient Greek soup? What was Roman garum? What was so special about green soup in the Middle Ages? What were the shards and bones that Don Quixote ate? Ángeles Díaz Simón sets out to discover the mysterious tastes and smells of the kitchens of our ancestors. In order to do this she takes us on a gastronomic journey into the past, presenting recipes for dishes which might be very old but will still be new to our palates. This is an original way of learning about history whilst having fun cooking up surprises for our family and friends.

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“Enjoy this book. Learn from it. Expand your knowledge of the world and the human beings who came before us. But, above all, make use of the recipes and you’ll be time travelling without leaving your kitchen.” FROM ÁNGELES CASO’S PROLOGUE

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Publishing date: | 240 pages | ISBN: 978-84-344-1329-0