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Salvaje oeste / Wild West
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Salvaje oeste / Wild West


A 40 years-old journalist, Nico Blavatsky, his love life in shambles, begins an investigation into presumed economic crimes. The paper he works for is having problems: gifts and favors given to upper management by people in high places dictate the information readers receive. Soon Nico will find himself immersed in a plot involving the mafia and politicians, with shady characters whose top priority is making easy money.

Juan Tallón has written a novel that ends up being a landscape, in a way demolishing, but also necessary, of power in all its forms, with an undeniable literary talent that shines in each of its pages and in each of its characters.

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Highlights Wild West


Wild West is a novel about the irruption, the splendor and decadence of a generation of politicians and businessmen who appropriated a country, and how the press reacted to the deployment of such power.

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Publishing date: | 624 pages | ISBN: 978-84-670-5203-9