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Sangre, sudor y paz / Blood, Sweat and Peace
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Sangre, sudor y paz / Blood, Sweat and Peace


Many books have been published about the history of ETA in recent years, and from many different perspectives. Most of them have stressed the important role of the Spanish police.

This account covers the better part of the events of a period that began with the birth of ETA in 1958 and closed with the definitive ceasefire of 2011, but without ignoring other important details from that date to the disarmament in the spring of 2017. It doesn’t simply describe the facts – it shows how several generations of Spanish policemen served as a shield between the terrorist group and a society which many times preferred to look the other way.

Far from taking sides, this work offers a perspective on the Spanish police as a unique group of direct actors in this chapter of Spain’s history. The present state of affairs is due to many factors, but is mostly thanks to them. With this book, we will transport the reader to a time when the life of the Spanish police could be summed up in two words: sacrifice and suffering.

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-9942-644-0

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