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Ser o no ser (un cuerpo) / To Be or Not To Be (a Body)
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Ser o no ser (un cuerpo) / To Be or Not To Be (a Body)


Where are all these people going in such a rush, in an ever faster medium? They’re fleeing. What are they fleeing from? Their body. The human being is the only animal that flees from their body. Almost everything we do in our lives is an attempt to leave our mortal body.

In this essay, Santiago Alba Rico, one of the most prestigious and poetic philosophers writing today, discusses our corporeal selves through traditional stories, classical myths and in the current context of global capitalism and a technology-based society.

This is a book for curious, inquisitive people, a profound incursion into the essence of the human being, for bodies of all ages.

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“The best living Spanish essayist.”

César Rendueles, El Diario

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Publishing date: | 384 pages | ISBN: 978-84-322-2992-3