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If He Came Back
Original title: Si levantara la cabeza
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If He Came Back

Original title: Si levantara la cabeza

It started as a game. Now it’s unstoppable.

A rejuvenated Franco appears in Spain in 2014 and, following a plan implemented by a group of devoted followers placed in strategic spots, he rises to fame through social networks and television chat shows.

Like a new Moses committed to leading his people to the promised land, the young clone of Franco makes constant society appearances, declaring his willingness to take the reins of a broken country. Taking advantage of the confusion over his true identity and the real nature of his intentions, his triumphant career sees him get the better of all those who flatter him under false pretences or try to take advantage of his meteoric rise for their own purposes.

A group of committed followers with a strategic plan guaranteed to return a reborn Franco to power in 2014.

A tragicomic novel about the return of Franco. For the first time a novelist provides a comic take on the most hated and revered fi gure in the history of modern Spain.

Daniel Vázquez Sallés is the son of Manuel Vázquez Montalbán, one of whose most celebrated novels is Autobigrafía del general Franco (General Franco’s Autobiography).

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-233-4810-7 | Imprint: Ediciones Destino