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Simply Tini. My Autobiography
Original title: Simplemente Tini
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Simply Tini. My Autobiography

Original title: Simplemente Tini

Simplemente Tini is the illustrated autobiography of Martina Stoessel, the children’s star of the moment. Protagonist of the globally successful series “Violetta”, Martina has become an icon for girls and boys. With more than a million followers on Twitter and four million friends in Facebook, children adore her and she adores children. Martina Stoessel is 17 years old. She did the casting of “Violetta”and became the winner. Since then her life as a teenager is admired by girls and boys. In
this book Tini talks about her childhood, how she grew up in her family, and recalls her fi rst steps in school. Then success came, and with it a new life, tastes, clothes, love, friends... the world of a teenager, but a very special one.

Rights sold

France (Albin Michel), Italy (Salani), Poland (Zielona Sowa), Portugal (Marcador), Hungary (Colibri) and Bulgary (Egmont).

International editions

Technical data

Publishing date: | 200 pages | ISBN: 978-84-9754-784-0 | Imprint: Espasa Infantil