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Sobre Dalí / Sobre Dalí
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Sobre Dalí / Sobre Dalí


A lot has been written about Dalí, but until now the genius has never been portrayed as intimately as in this book, in which the journalist Fernando Huici interviews Antonio Pitxot, one of the people who knew the painter best. Pitxot was his right-hand man and his support and refuge during the final years of his life.
Over a long conversation, the work offers a comprehensive portrait of the Dalí the public never got to know: his creativity, concept of art, relationship with Gala, his ruptures with his family, his friends, his relationship with other creators and his literary leanings... For the first time, the eccentric genius becomes more human, intimate, vulnerable, fun and accessible. And without detracting an iota from his genius.

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An intimate portrait of Dalí by the person who knew him best, Antonio Pitxot.

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Publishing date: | 216 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-11372-0