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Soy buena malamadre / I'M A GOOD BAD MOTHER
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Soy buena malamadre / I'M A GOOD BAD MOTHER


The Bad Mothers Club was born of a blog created by mothers whose children don’t like their cooking...

They are imperfect mothers, they know it and they admit it. They want to put an end to the idea of the ‘superwoman’ that society tries to impose upon them: because you’re not a good or bad mother, you’re the mother you are!


This book is divided up into extremely varied and original chapters, and also contains:


-           All the tricks to be a perfect bad mother

-           The definitive test to tell whether you’re a bad mother

-           A very optimistic final chapter that reminds you that in a few years this will all be over               and your second youth will begin!

-           A bad mother diploma

-           And 8 cut out postcards!

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The book on the nightstand of a new generation of women.

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Publishing date: | 220 pages | ISBN: 978-84-16177-54-7