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Original title: #SuperProfesional
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Original title: #SuperProfesional

Alfonso Alcántara (@yoriento) has been helping people plan and improve their professional lives for twenty years. Over this time he has developed a very valuable talent: to detect and enhance the skills and resources that will help professionals to prosper in their careers and companies until they become ‘superprofessionals’.

Who are the superprofessionals and how can we become one? A #superprofessional isn’t a superhero, a #superprofessional is someone who has learned to apply their six superpowers: get ready to develop your superpowers and make yourself into the #superprofessional you want to be.

1. SuperAttitude.

Why not do it anyway? The best attitude is to just do it.

2. SuperChange
Where are you going? Change is inevitable, but to improve is a decision you need to take yourself.

3. SuperMethod
What should you be doing right now? Make sure that you’re living the way you want.

4. SuperBrand
Who have you decided to be? Think like the clients who you want to find you.

5. SuperInitiative
Employee or Entrepreneur? If you want people to follow you, get out in front.

6. SuperSocial
An internet addict or a people addict? Stop looking for opportunities and start getting to know people.

Do you want to become a #Superprofessional? Take your professional life personally

Prepare yourself to develop your superpowers and become the #superprofessional you want to be.

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Publishing date: | 216 pages | ISBN: 978-84-15320-99-9 | Imprint: Alienta Editorial