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Te regalaré el mundo / I'll Give You the World
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Te regalaré el mundo / I'll Give You the World


We don’t choose our parents, or what we like, or what we’re good at. We don’t choose the person with whom we fall in love... or our enemies. We don’t choose our talents or our weaknesses. So as not to choose, we don’t even choose our sins. Or the country where we’re born, or the name the people we love, whom we don’t choose either, will call us by. Life chooses us. And sometimes it doesn’t even do that.


This is the story of a man who will have to invent a world to house his pain.

And another who will offer up his pain in exchange for a new world.

An orphaned father and a lost son.

Madrid, Christmas Eve 1734: Professor Rossum is Doña Bárbara de Braganza’s ingenious house inventor. He spends his life surrounded by clockwork and his family. But then his daughter Celeste dies.

Madrid, three centuries later: the young journalist Leo Broch scours the city’s streets, seeking out traces of Rossum. But he has another obsession: his father, Fritz Broch, the brilliant physicist who has disappeared and yet is ever present in his son’s mind.

This is a story of pasts and presents, love and abandonment, of what has been lost and is yet to be discovered.

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Mondadori (Italy).

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Publishing date: | 400 pages | ISBN: 978-84-670-4185-9