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Tengo los óvulos contados / My Ovaries are Numbered
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Tengo los óvulos contados / My Ovaries are Numbered


Doctor Miranda Ortega knows that motherhood isn’t all plain sailing, but that miracles can happen. Having brought up her daughter Olivia on her own, now she has to spend her days meeting patients desperate to be parents. Her surgery plays host to the dreams of a wide variety of couples and single women who are having trouble conceiving. She is a woman of science, but what she hears at work is full of strained emotions, fear and contradictions. Miranda is honest and it hurts her to see the damage that the false myths and misleading promises spread by society and fertility clinics do to her patients. 

That’s why she feels that she must tell them their actual probability of conceiving without offering them false hope. 

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With great humanity and an essential sense of humour this book addresses the pressing contemporary issue of assisted reproduction. The novel explains the myths, realities and lies that surround a problem that affects thousands of people every day. 

The fruit of painstaking research with specialists from every sphere and a deep knowledge of the subject matter, Raquel Sánchez Silva wrote this moving story as she experienced her own long awaited double pregnancy. 

A moving, real and beautiful story that will touch readers’ hearts.

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-08-14739-8

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