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Todo es posible / Everything is Possible
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Todo es posible / Everything is Possible


Did you know you are made of the same material as the stars? That a large proportion of who you are is empty space? Did you know that right now, you are spinning around the sun at a velocity of 107,280 km/h? That you share 60% of your DNA with a banana? Sometimes, what seems impossible turns out to be true.


This book is going to shatter your preconceptions. It will show you that the world is a mysterious, fascinating, and hardly logical place. In it, you will find out that things aren’t the way you see them, and that you should stop taking what you think so seriously and keep your mind open to any possibility. If you can accept the marvels of everyday life, you will open your mind to a life full of opportunities. If you get rid of the preconceptions you use to analyze reality and dare to live according to your experience, you will enter into a world where EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Let Alicia take you there.

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Publishing date: | 256 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-18217-7