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Todo lo posible / Everything Possible
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Todo lo posible / Everything Possible


Blanca Cruz, a writer of novels about Scandinavian vampires (a new genre, a mixture of Twilight and the Millennium Trilogy), is stuck on the fourth volume of a saga that has brought her great commercial success, a cool response from the critics and, most of all, a deep crisis of professional identity. Why does she write? When and how did she lose her former passion? Does she still love her characters or are they more of an obsession? And as if that weren’t enough, Blanca found out a few weeks ago that her boyfriend Carlos is cheating on her with a colleague and even though they’ve been living together for two years, she isn’t yet strong enough to face up to the conflicts in her relationship. The unexpected discovery of some unpublished letters by Patricia King, a crime writer from the thirties, with whom she identifies, helps her to get away from her troubles, which she sees as ‘first world malaise’. This marks the beginning of an adventure and an investigation that will take her to Guatemala and force her to confront her fears and reconnect with herself.

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-08-15464-8