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Tornado / Tornado
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Tornado / Tornado


In this new collection, which comprises 73 poems in free or rhymed verse as well a few poems in prose, Pere Gimferrer sings of a singular, fascinating and personal love story. Like a tornado, the verbal splendour of this book will captivate the reader, who will cherish the sensuality of its feelings and recognise the images used to convey them. The poems in Tornado are a follow-up to Amar en vilo, his previous collection, which was praised by the critics and stayed six months on the best-sellers lists. References to cities, cinema, visual arts, jazz and the literary tradition are rife in these poems, written over two years and ordered largely chronologically.

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“Pere Gimferrer’s best book of poetry.” ALBERTO BLECUA

“Gimferrer lives (for) poetry, and is able to inject it into the quotidian... Gimferrer’s virtuosity shows us that he can change and renew himself without betraying himself. Few authors are capable of such reach and depth.” JUAN GOYTISOLO

“One of most substantial poets of the 20th century, which was full of excellent poets.” J. A. MASOLIVER RÓDENAS (CULTURA/S, La Vanguardia).

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Publishing date: | 192 pages | ISBN: 978-84-322-0909-3

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