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Trece rosas rojas / Thirteen Red Roses
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Trece rosas rojas / Thirteen Red Roses


On the early morning of August 5th 1939, thirteen girls, seven of them underage, were shot against the walls of Madrid’s eastern cemetery. Their only crime was that they were ‘reds’. Minutes earlier, forty-three comrades from the United Socialist Youth had met the same fate, in the same place. Their story was recovered by the journalist Carlos Fonseca, who, based on the letters that they had written and on the testimonies of their families, investigated the reality that lay behind the myth and everything that surrounded the brief lives of the ‘Thirteen Roses’, as well as their growing involvement in the political movements of the time, which had led to their arrest, trial and execution at the close of the Spanish Civil War. The result of this investigation was the bestselling Trece Rosas, which has been made into a film by the director Martínez Lázaro, becoming one of the biggest hits of recent Spanish cinema.

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Publishing date: | 328 pages | ISBN: 978-84-8460-361-0

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