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Treinteenagers / Thirteenagers
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Treinteenagers / Thirteenagers


The popular saying that the thirties are the new twenties is rubbish. Your thirties are much better than that! As fun as one’s twenties might be, the truth is that you haven’t yet fully developed. But once you’ve turned thirty, everything becomes much clearer. One really matures when they’re in their thirties: you need to get a steady job (whether or not you like it is beside the point), a mortgage, start a family, buy a bigger car... sounds dull doesn’t it?

Following the general pattern is one option, but there is another less mainstream one that might be a little less mature but nonetheless has plenty of advantages. In that alternative life, the work might not be so steady but you’ll almost certainly find it more fulfilling. Your thirties can be just as fun as your twenties, does the voice in your head sound old? Of course it doesn’t! It sounds like that of a thirteenager.

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-17560-15-7

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