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Tú sin frenos y yo con tantas curvas / You without no Breaks and Me with all those Curves
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Tú sin frenos y yo con tantas curvas / You without no Breaks and Me with all those Curves


My name is Marina, I’m 33 years old and my boyfriend has left me for a twenty year old who eats half a lettuce leaf a day. I’m a curvy girl, but I’m trying to get rid of my curves by cycling all around Madrid. I run a chic home catering service and do deliveries by bike. Before, I used my car but my license was taken away after I ran into a Starbucks terrace in my Mini. The catering thing is only just beginning but with the help of my sister Silvia, I already have a few fixed customers. One regular, who orders every day, is lovely, has a stable job in a bank and you can tell he’s interested in me but, but... My real trouble began when I lost my bicycle: I just closed my eyes for a second and ended up smashed against the hood of a fancy car driven by a man who’s like George Clooney but in blonde. The thing is that I’m going to trial for driving without a license and I could go to prison. The only thing my sister could think to do to raise my spirits was to upload a video of me cooking on YouTube. I was angry about it, but it passed when the video went viral and Vogue magazine called me about doing a cookery channel on their website.

Since then, my life has changed radically: celebrities are cooking my recipes, I’m invited to posh restaurant openings, dates with Dante... That’s what the blond George Clooney who ran me over is called. He turned out to be a chef at a Michelin starred restaurant.


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Publishing date: | 288 pages | ISBN: 978-84-270-4296-4