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Un lugar llamado destino / A Place Called Destiny
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Un lugar llamado destino / A Place Called Destiny


After spreading Joshua’s ashes on a mountain close to the Rongbuk monastery, David sets out for Boston with the ‘brown book,’ a gift that Joshua gave him before his death. He feels full of hope and excitement as a chapter from his past has ended and he is now prepared for a new stage. Back in Boston, David has the opportunity to put Joshua’s teachings into practice and help out his friend Alex, who is suffering from severe depression after experiencing family troubles. But once more David will have to face unexpected new dilemmas that will present him with Victoria, a mysterious woman with whom he discovers the true meaning of love.

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The sequel to Donde tus sueños te lleven (Where Your Dreams Take You, 50.000 copies sold in Spain!), a song of hope for resilience and recovery, friendship and true love.

Through David’s personal story, Javier Iriondo shares some essential advice for overcoming the challenges that life has placed in our path: relationships, friendship, finding oneself and personal achievement.

With this book, the author presents us with a new challenge, reminding us that change is possible for those who dare to achieve it.

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Publishing date: | 264 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-12827-4

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