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Una noche en Amalfi / A Night in Amalfi
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Una noche en Amalfi / A Night in Amalfi


Sergio and Lidia, a young married couple, land in Naples ready to spend a week’s holiday on the Amalfitana Coast. They’ve left their son with Sergio’s mother, and are expecting several days’ worth of laziness and relaxation. But when they arrive at their destination after a bumpy ferry ride, Lidia discovers that there’s no signal in the tiny isolated hotel they’re staying in. She decides to go to Amalfi by bus to send over a work report she has to hand in. Sergio stays alone in the room, and relaxes while drinking and contemplating the steep mountain, which drops into the sea. The hours pass, and Lidia doesn’t return. After a few hours of waiting, the anxiety takes over Sergio. A neighbour will acompany him on a desperate search through the dark roads of the coast.

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Italy, Edizioni E/O

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Publishing date: | 160 pages | ISBN: 978-84-15325-47-5