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Viaja la palabra / The World Travels
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Viaja la palabra / The World Travels


“Through me, you can understand that always, behind the public figure, there is a person who rejoices, suffers, fears, struggles, in short, who, like you, lives...”.

The Word Travels is an ambitious choral project (the album of the same name will be released in October) by musician, actor and businessman Fran Perea. Gone is the Marcos Serrano of Los Serrano that made him famous.

Coinciding with his 40th birthday, Perea offers the reader a retrospective look back at everything he has experienced, the things that have made him the global artist and entrepreneur committed to culture he is today.

The book includes the lyrics of his songs with reflections on his vital and artistic concerns. His poetic, honest word will take us on a journey.

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Publishing date: 2018/10/02 | 208 pages | ISBN: 978-84-270-4463-0