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Virginia o el interior del mundo / Virginia or the Inside of the World
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Virginia o el interior del mundo / Virginia or the Inside of the World


The royals settle into the Magdalena Palace in the 20’s in Santander. Virgina is a young woman from a family who became rich through the flour trade; she was made a noblewoman by Amadeo de Saboya, and is now heiress to a considerable fortune, though politically she leans towards socialism. Virginia blames the King for the death of her lover, her cook’s son. An eccentric couple, who first amuse and later fascinate Virginia, held a big session of spiritualism. What happens in it gives full meaning to this novel. This is the masterly tale of a woman who is both daring and withdrawn. Exceptional prose and narrative structure.

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Álvaro Pombo’s work has earned him a place among the undisputed masters of contemporary Spanish literature.

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Publishing date: | 350 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-08511-9