Today I Will Be Better Than Yesterday
Original title: Hoy seré mejor que ayer

Today I Will Be Better Than Yesterday

Original title: Hoy seré mejor que ayer

What should the ideal child be like? There is no single answer to this question, but we can agree on a series of qualities that can help them face life with guarantees. Not even the greatest love in the world, that of a mother, a father, grandparents, or the most involved teacher, can guarantee a child will be happy. We would give anything to bestow happiness on our children. But that is not possible, because happiness does not belong to us.
Whether a child is happy depends on his or her ability to know himself or herself, to make sacrifices to improve, to adapt to changes, to accept failures and look for alternatives, to have patience and persist...

A beautiful edition with 25 stories to cultivate in children a strong characters and achieve the best version of themselves.

• As opposed to the sugary concept of happiness as something that drops
out of the sky, this book reminds us that happiness must be earned. The current tendency of overprotection results in children without the personality
to face the obstacles we all encounter in life.

• The protagonists of each story show a quality: audacity, commitment, curiosity, generosity, honesty, nonconformity, patience, responsibility... up to
25 qualities that, according to the author, are necessary to achieve the best
version of oneself, the only way to achieve real happiness.

• The illustrations are the work of Pep Montserrat, one of the most renowned illustrators on the international children’s book scene.

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Publishing date: | 128 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-23973-4 | Imprint: Destino Infantil & Juvenil