Original title: Mochilas
| Marc Torrent Barceló


Original title: Mochilas

| Marc Torrent Barceló


Every morning, Lis puts in her backpack the things she likes the most. There are the skittles and the skateboard for Sofi, Rudy and Cata to play with. But Lis begins to realize that her three friends don’t reciprocate her affection: they don’t let her play at secrets and they even steal her lunch! Day after day, Lis’ backpack grows heavier and heavier. Because some feelings weigh a lot. Will she find a way to unload all that weight?

A wonderful story to combat bullying

Bullying continues to be one of the issues that most concern parents and

Backpacks is a tender story that addresses the key points about bullying,
from family relationships to the nightmare of being a victim of bullying,
but above all it is a story full of hope about the ability to overcome and the
healing power of forgiveness.

Rights sold

Changbi (Korea), People's Medical Publishing (China), Il Castoro (Italy), Eksikparca (Turkey).

Technical data

Publishing date: | 40 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-24097-6 | Imprint: Destino Infantil & Juvenil

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