Kazaam Valley: A Magical Mess!
Original title: Valle Kazaam 1. ¡Una liada mágica!
María Rubio

Kazaam Valley: A Magical Mess!

Original title: Valle Kazaam 1. ¡Una liada mágica!

María Rubio


Enter Kazaam Valley, the coolest secret place on the planet!

Coco is a little girl who lives in Kazaam Valley with her sorceress grandmother and her best friend, a sudoku-loving pig named Ham. The valley is full of wonderful things: strawberry milkshake comes out of the tap, there are dragons, ponycorns, dolphins and it snows vanilla ice cream. However, she is so used to the extraordinary that she has stopped appreciating it. It bores her.

One fine day, she decides to cross the border and enter an unknown world. There she discovers creatures that fascinate her: the Miiwiis. They are a kind of robot with little mini-screens in their bellies. Coco is so amazed that she decides to take a Miiwii with her to Kazaam Valley... But is it a good idea to bring with her a creature she barely knows anything about? What if Coco has inadvertently endangered the inhabitants of Kazaam Valley?

Highlights Kazaam Valley: A Magical Mess!


Kazaam Valley perfectly combines the wild universe and vocabulary of Adventure Time with the fantasy and magic of Anna Kadabra. Laughter is guaranteed!


Self-contained adventures that can be read independently. In each we will discover a new corner of this magical and surreal place that is Kazaam Valley.


Bea Tormo’s illustrations accentuate even more the humorous and wild style of the series.

The funniest collection for readers from 8 to 10 years old: a perfect mix between the crazy world of Adventure Time and the magic of Anna Kadabra.

Apart from humor, the book also encourages values such as unbreakable friendship, self-esteem, curiosity as an engine for learning and the power of fantasy and imagination.

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Publishing date: | 288 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-25528-4 | Imprint: Destino Infantil & Juvenil

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