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Someday, Today
Original title: Algún día, hoy
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Someday, Today

Original title: Algún día, hoy

On a stormy and muddy night, a bastard little girl is born. Believing her dead, her mother baptizes her with the name of Betsabé. No one knows that inside her she carries the strength of femininity, as well as the magic and rebellion that will make her overcome all obstacles. She will create an indissoluble bond with her foster sister, Capitolina, a poor rich girl, and none will be indifferent to her fire gaze, not even Emmanuel, the French revolutionary from the most artistic Montparnasse who will fall madly in love with her.

Someday, today, based on a real event that occurred in 1920 in Colombia, tells the story of Betsabé Espinal, who at the age of twenty-three becomes the heroine of one of the first women's strikes in history. Ángela Becerra builds a monument to the purest friendship by wrapping its protagonists in a passionate circle of love that will have an amazing ending.

Highlights Someday, Today


A great love story, full of epic and exuberance.

Ángela Becerra returns with a beautiful novel about feelings.

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Publishing date: | 816 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-21181-5 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta